Permanent and Temporary Tattoo

When you think of having a tattoo on your body, you must consider things that could happen in the future. In human beings nature, there is nothing ‘likes’ that would satisfy us to the end of our life. In other words, there might be a regret of having them in our life. This is why we have to think ahead before doing such a thing. There are a lot of people who had already tattoo but they regret in the end.

If you have a plan to tattoo yourself, choose from the two types: Permanent tattoo and temporary tattoo.

Permanent Tattoo uses mechanized needle to puncture the skin and inject to inject ink into the layer of the skin creating some design and using different colors of ink depending to the desired design. When you see the process of having permanent tattoo, you can see that they damage the skin that causes the shedding of blood. It i very cruel for the skin and this will causes a pain for a few weeks. In regard to permanent tattoo, the ink that is injected in the body will remain in their skin for the rest of their life.

Temporary tattoo is more simple than the permanent tattoo. The process is not also complicated. This is just drawing design in any part of the body using permanent ink. This is why some time, the tattoo can fade while passing time. This is what many choose because they know that it is not painful and it is erasable. Whether you choose permanent or temporary tattoo, no one will care about that.