Types of Piercing and Safety

Beauty is pain. To attain such beauty, it requires efforts and sacrifice. Beauty is the subject of art. The ultimate reason why art exists is to produce beauty. Thus beauty and art are correlated to each other. Piercing is a form of art, particularly a modification on the body, in which many people are addicted to. Piercing can be applied on the face, ear, mouth, and to some surface of the body.

Facial piercing includes Septum, Third eye, Cheek, Rhino, Eyebrow, Nasallang, Austin bar, Eyelid and Septril. Piercing on the ear includes Rook, Industrial, Conch, Lobe, Forward helix, Anti-tragus, Orbital, Daith, Tragus and Snug. Surface piercing are as follows, Knuckle, Nape, Ankle, Belly button and Finger web. Finally is the oral piercing which includes Labret, Vertical labret, Shark bites, Tongue, Spider bites, Snake bites, Medusa, Monroe, Angel bites, Venom bites and Madonna.

Piercing is being applied to both men and women. Though it is painful, it brings joy to a person whom it is applied. It is their charming and beauty. We can call it as their art and fashion. Additionally, women look adorable and pleasing when they wear earrings. That is why some mothers want their child to wear earrings thus their child’s ears needed to be pierced. Now, in what best age should the child’s ear pierced? Here are some things to keep in mind. Actually babies cannot take care of themselves, so it is recommendable to wait for the child to be old enough to take care of the earrings by themselves. For babies, small earrings can become a choking hassle. If it happens that they will pull the earring out of their ears and put it in their mouth, then it will choke them and will cause trouble.

Safety on piercing is very important to remember too. So be sure that this must be done by trained professionals who are expert in these matters. Before getting pierced, it takes a lot of preparation. Be sure that the part where to apply piercing is not sensitive to avoid irritation. All materials should be clean and safe. And even the piercing is finished, do not forget to aftercare.