Piercing and Tattoos

The difference between people with piercings and tattoos and those without them is that those with them don’t judge those without piercings and tattoos for not having them.

Art doesn’t have a Price tag, and who is the Judge of a Tattoo? You? Or perhaps the Person who is wearing them? Another Fun Fact… most of those “Tattoo” are just state of the art beauty.

It is a matter of choice for people who choose piercing and tattoos. This is not only limited to rock stars or emo. All kinds of people can have their piercing and tattoos just like the old days.

In ancient times the more tattoo and piercing the stronger a man is and the more beautiful a woman is. That is how people were in reference before.

Today is not the same as before but having tattoo and piercing is not a thing of judgement it is a choice for others. For some, tattooing and piercing is maximizing themselves for their body is but a veil of flesh and will be worn out soon.

In the old days, people would display the beauty of art wherever they can. They see the body as a means of displaying art. There are many men and women whose whole body is tattooed. This is something that we have to boast about from the past. How could the ancient people think of using their body as a means of display. How proud they were? In this age, not all people undergo piercing and tattoo. having such is all up to you.